Frank Gasson

Frank Gasson is a mathematics mentor at Massey University. She currently works in a diverse range of schools across New Zealand. Frank has been part of the DMIC mentoring team since May 2017 developing teachers' mathematics pedagogy

Prior to becoming  a mentor Frank was a primary school teacher for 25 years which included roles as a music specialist, deputy principal and curriculum leader in mathematics and the performing arts. Her role as a full-time MST (Mathematics Support Teacher) in recent years introduced her to the research and pedagogy behind mathematical inquiry communities. During this time she studied the role that NZSL (New Zealand Sign Language) could play as a norm for facilitating communication and participation within mathematical inquiry communities and identifying effective teacher practices that support deaf students within mainstream mathematics inquiry classrooms.


Franks areas of expertise in her role as a mathematics mentor include

  • Providing professional leadership in developing mathematical inquiry communities across and within schools.
  • Providing mentoring (coaching or facilitating) to individual teachers in classrooms to support their growth of pedagogical practices including culturally responsive teaching, inquiry mathematics teaching and teaching as inquiry.
  • Leading professional development workshops with teachers and school leaders.
  • Leading parent workshops.
  • Providing support in writing culturally relevant mathematical tasks that focus on mathematical big ideas.

Franks research interests include the alignment of effective teacher practices and learning pedagogy within deaf education and mathematical communities of inquiry