Working Towards a Vision of NZ Secondary School Mathematics

Working Towards a Vision of NZ Secondary School Mathematics for the 21st Century - your input needed

Some background:

As you may know there has been a paradigm shift in Statistics education in NZ moving towards a conceptual understanding of statistical thinking.  This is in keeping with the broader goals of the NZ Curriculum (NZC) (Ministry of Education, 2007,

Compared with the contemporary approach developed through the Statistics achievement objectives, Mathematics remains more traditional.  To learn more about this you can read the Review and Maintenance Programme (RAMP) report on Mathematics and Statistics – excerpts from this report will be used in the upcoming newsletters – sign up below for these.  (

How to be involved:

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Over the next week, we will send out a series of newsletters prompting discussion and a link to a webpage where you can input your thoughts and vote on your agreement to others’ comments.  Then at the NZMS Colloquium in December we will have a session where we begin to discuss these ideas and decide how to proceed from there.

Please forward this email to other teachers and academics that you think would be interested in participating in this discussion. 

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