18: The Professional Learning and Development Approach
The Massey University team describe this professional development as a re/invention of practice.

Key Content

In this video Shirley Primary School Principal, Kylie Piper, describes the professional development as "the only professional development of this nature that I've ever experienced in all my years of teaching".

In December 2015,  Professor Elham Kazemi, was formative quality assurer for the first year of implementation of this professional development in three Porirua East schools. In her report [PDF 165kb], Professor Kazemi concluded:

"The quality of professional education and mentorship led by Dr. Bobbie Hunter and Dr. Jodie Hunter and their team from Massey University serves as an international exemplar of the highest quality".

This approach to culturally responsive evidence-based mathematics education profoundly changes teacher knowledge and practice. Find out more about this high impact approach to knowledge building, in-class co-construction and mentoring from the perspective of the children, the teachers and the principal after the first year of implementation at Shirley Primary School.