20: Geometry - Connections: Tapa - Siapo - Ngatu
Shirley Primary School Team Leader, Ryan Pearce, explains the importance of the ways in which teachers make educationally powerful connections to the lives, experiences and identities of the children they teach.

Key Content

Hangaia Te Urupounamu Pāngarau Mō Tātou Developing Mathematical Inquiry Communities is a re/invention of practice that involves parents and whānau participating in after-school workshops. As the parents and whānau learn about the thinking behind the new approach to mathematics learning, the teachers are able to strengthen their relationships with, and learning from,  parents and whānau. Through the interaction the teachers are able to learn more about what is important to their students' families. This teacher learning assists with the design of mathematics problem tasks that can make educationally powerful connections to the identities of the learners.

As Bobbie Hunter says "it is not about allocating identities". It's about making educationally powerful connections to the lives, identities and funds of knowledge the children and their families can bring to mathematics learning.

This video shows how a mathematics lesson changed when the lesson became inclusive. Samoan and Tongan children were enabled to connect to the significance of geometry in the intricate geometric designs of siapo and ngatu.