22: Lifting Expectations
At the end of Year 1 of Hangaia Te Urupounamu Pāngarau Mō Tātou, Head Teacher Mathematics at Shirley Primary School, Kelly Sheppard, reports parents have given feedback that their children are loving mathematics at school. She explains a new way in which teachers are engaging parents and whānau with the children’s mathematics learning when they get to discuss these after their children have worked on the problems. Parents are “blown away” by the challenging level of the mathematics.

Key Content

Teacher, Kate Walters, explains how "Maths was something streamed; something that separated them from the rest of the class...now they are desperate to know when maths is".

Principal Kylie Piper reflects that the inclusive pedagogy has provided a new way for the school to more quickly and effectively integrate the large numbers of children who come new to the school through the year.

The video highlights the big shift in the teachers' expectations for next steps: "Our knowledge as mathematicians has grown immensely but we can still grow".

Staff reflect on the assessment results showing accelerated mathematics achievement for the younger children. Year 2 students have been "acing it" with problems at the Year 4 and 5 level.

Principal Kylie Piper explains: "Lids of expectation have been lifted... that will mean for a much more challenging starting level for next year's mathematics problems".

Associate Professor Bobbie Hunter concludes: "We are talking about much more challenging tasks... Don't make it simple ...don't save the children, push them really hard then they will have much more opportunity to learn".