CeRME has a significant presence at MERGA 42 (July 2019) in Perth

We are delighted that for 2019, CeRME will be represented by a strong group of academic researchers and contributions from postdoctoral fellows and postgraduate students working on research associated with the Developing Mathematical Inquiry Communities professional learning initiative. It is great to see a mix of position papers, empirical research that is classroom-based, and doctoral and master research projects being showcased at this international meeting.

  • Glenda Anthony, Jodie Hunter, & Roberta Hunter: Working towards equity in mathematics education: Is differentiation the answer?
  • Libby Cunningham: Pāsifika students’ perspectives and understandings of mathematics embedded within their lives beyond the classroom
  • Raewyn Eden: Co-generating teacher knowledge through co-teaching mathematics: The role of noticing
  • Jodie Hunter & Jodie Miller: The perspectives of researchers when undertaking work involving cultural contexts in mathematics education
  • Jennifer James: Individualism and collectivism: Examining student mathematical identity in hierarchal grouping arrangements
  • Generosa Leach: Strength based grouping: A call for change
  • John Griffith Moala & Roberta Hunter: Developing mathematical resilience among diverse learners:
  • Preliminary progress and problematics
  • Rachel Restani, Jodie Hunter, & Roberta Hunter Lesson Study: Investigating how facilitators support teacher noticing