Co-teaching to support pedagogical shifts to raise achievement in mathematics

This 18-month project aims to investigate how teachers might collaborate in ways that can support them to promote the mathematics learning of students who are at risk of underachievement. It involves implementing and further developing a model of collaborative inquiry for teachers which involves the co-teaching of mathematics lessons as a core component. Key outcomes of the project are expected to include design principles and associated tools for an adaptive model of collaborative teacher inquiry aimed at strengthening teachers’ knowledge for mathematics teaching as a lever for improving the impact of teaching/learning practice on student learning.


Principal investigator: Raewyn Eden

Collaborators: Nicki Read and Sally Hunter (Newtown School), Jeannette Gubb (Berhampore School), Hannah Steele (Brooklyn School), Gillian Kissling (Cognition Education Ltd), Associate Professor Joanna Higgins (Victoria University of Wellington)

Funding: Ministry of Education – Teacher-led Innovation Fund