Masters Studies

Trevor Bills (2019 - 2020)

Critical pedagogy, a pedagogy of discomfort: Challenges and tensions for teachers: This case study will explore the internal tensions and external challenges that teachers face when introducing a critical pedagogical approach to the teaching of mathematics and examine what support teachers need to be able to achieve this. Teacher interviews and diaries along with in classroom observations will be used to investigate what teacher actions support student learning through critical mathematics as well as any dissonance this may create when trying to balance curriculum requirements.


Bronwyn Gibbs (2019 - 2020)

Developing functional thinking through culturally located tasks: This design research study aims to explore how mathematical tasks embedded in children's cultural lives support Maori and Pasifika learners to develop their conceptual understanding of functional relationships. The research looks at the representations students use when engaging with conceptual functional tasks, and how Maori and Pasifika students generalise culturally located tasks involving functions.


Andrew Johnson (2019 - 2020)

Factors affecting students' mindsets towards mathematics and their ability to learn from mistakes: This case study examines factors such as classroom culture, task, whanau beliefs, and teacher interactions to see what influence these have on student mindsets towards mathematics and their ability to learn from mistakes. A series of open-ended mathematical tasks are to be recorded and student responses to mistakes analysed. Student interviews are also used to inform the study and evaluate the factors that lend themselves to positive or negative mindsets towards mathematics.


Megan Kanz (2019)

Teacher judgement of students' conceptual understanding in mathematics: This design research study looks at how teachers can be supported to make judgements on students developing conceptual understandings in mathematics. The project involves iterations of collaborative planning to build collective understanding, teaching/learning, and assessment using open tasks in two areas of mathematics. Teacher interviews are used to inform the study and evaluate the factors that support or hinder teachers as they make judgements.  


Jenna Hatch (2019-2020)

Catering for diverse learning needs in Intermediate level maths: Exploratory case studies of three Intermediate schools will explore the variety of ways schools and teachers provide differentiated opportunities for students to lean mathematics. Bounded cases will include schools that use in-class 'ability' grouping, mixed attainment grouping, and/or teach within ILE.  


Maree Logan (2018)

Learning mathematics in an Innovative Learning Environment: This exploratory case study examines the opportunities afforded to Year 7 and 8 students to learn mathematics in a newly-formed Innovative Learning Environment (ILE). Teacher interviews, classroom observations and student focus group discussions will explore classroom organisational structures and students' perceptions of their opportunities for learning mathematics.

Fiona Rice (2018-19)

Learning to learn in a mathematical community of inquiry: This research asks, "What can co-generative dialogues reveal about students' experiences within mathematical communities of inquiry?" The research is particularly interested in the identification of benefits or barriers to learning mathematics and the development of student agency as the learning environment shifts towards a more collaborative approach.