Doctoral Studies

Zaenal Abidin

Online community of Practice: Leveraging information and communication technology for reflective practice in promoting mathematical practices: Set in the context of Indonesia, this study explores the use of an online community of practice built to foster the process of collaborative teacher learning. The study aims to investigate the use of this on-line community as a way to support teachers in promoting mathematical practices. It uses an action research approach to explore the ways teachers use the on-line communities of practice, and ways that this community can support the integration of technology into the mathematics curriculum in Indonesia.

Fatimah Alsaleh

Prospective mathematics teachers’ perceptions of preparedness: Being well prepared and experiencing a sense of preparedness for teaching is a key learning outcome of any teacher education program, with research documenting a positive connection between teachers’ subject matter preparation and teaching quality and student achievement in the classroom. This study explores the perceptions of preservice teachers in their final year of teacher education within a range of Saudi Arabia universities using a mixed-methods methodology.

Generosa Leach

Positioning and status within a community of learners: This study aims to investigate the ways in which students are positioned for agentic participation in mathematics problem solving. Positioning theory offers a lens through which to examine how students’ participation may be developed in ways that make possible meaningful contribution to group activity. Based on the hypothesis that if students are participating they are learning, and when status is equal, everyone learns; individual case studies will be used to investigate the following questions: How does student positioning or status change over time? What do teachers do to (re)position students? How does repositioning change students’ outcomes in participation and achievement?

Julie Whyte

Mathematics Anxiety: Reducing the Fear Factor: This research investigates the mathematical experiences of primary teachers through a large-scale survey. It then seeks to deepen understanding of those experiences through interviews with teachers who have had negative mathematics experiences. The study has its genesis in the researcher’s own observations and knowledge of primary teachers’ conceptions of and experiences with mathematics.